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iTunes Alternative

Syncing files is essential for anyone with an iPhone, iPod, iPad etc.  Unfortunately, iTunes kinda sucks, which is amazing since all the hardware is so great.  This leaves most people seeking out a great iTunes Alternative.   iTunes makes for a great digital music store, and that’s about it. It doesn’t have anything else to offer. iTune’s syncing features were not developed with the user in mind.

Syncing files using iTunes is a hassle and many people find it very confusing. Most users have completely abandoned iTunes (including myself)  for a pretty large variety of reasons.  Here’s just a few;

  • Can’t Upload Your Other Music – This is a huge bother for me and many other users.  Apple protects their iTunes sales by only allowing you to upload music you purchased from the iTunes store (only your own iTunes account too!) onto your device.  What the eff is that all about?  That’s retarded?  I paid $700 for my device, I should be able to put

    itunes alternative

    whatever I want on it!

  • iTunes Isn’t Smart –  The software assumes that users want all devices to be identical and tries to batch sync every device. This would be great if users really did want all devices to be identical. The problem is, we don’t.   iPhones come with limited memory so we have to pick and choose which files and songs to take with us and which ones to leave on the desktop.
  • Restoring Old Data – iTunes is absolutely terrible at taking data from an old phone, and moving it to another one.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost my mind trying to upgrade my iPhone 4 with my 3GS data.  Arrrrrggggggh!  It sucks!
  • iTunes Freezes Frequently –  When batch syncing a large number of files, photos or songs. All you can do when iTunes freezes is reboot your computer and hope it works the next time. Some users have complained about losing files when iTunes freezes.

All in all, Apple tries way to hard to control the way you can manipulate data

on the iphone you paid really great money to own!  That’s stupid!


But it doesn’t have to be like that.  There’s an amazing replacement that’s inexpensive, effective and people are LOVING IT, because it does everything they need it to do!

It called MobileGo for iOS by Wondershare. It was designed with customers in mind and is able to do all the things that iTunes can’t. MobileGo has been rated a perfect five stars by the vast major of users that have tried it. In a side-by-side comparison, iTunes simply can’t compete when it comes to syncing functionality and customer satisfaction.

One of the biggest complaints that users have with iTunes is that it keeps us tied to the desktop. There is no way to keep devices synced without attaching them, one-by-one, to iTunes. MobileGo allows us to to sync files, music, pictures and contacts between any iDevice without using iTunes. I am able to sync my iPhone and two iPads without having to take hours managing each iDevice individually with iTunes.

MobileGo recognizes the memory limits and allows users to sync individual files. I can sort files and songs on my iPad and sync only the ones I want to my iPhone. I don’t have to wait hours for iTunes to sync everything and then delete what I don’t want.

MobileGo is also able to backup iDevices to the desktop. Backing up mobile files is possibly the weakest feature in iTunes. It completely fails when trying to transfer files from iDevices to the desktop. Upgrading iOS has always been a hassle because of iTunes failure to properly back up mobile files. MobileGo can easily transfer files from iDevices to the desktop with one-click and without using iTunes. I don’t have to use a variety of programs for each type of file. I just click on MobileGo and it does everything for me.

If you are looking for a great iTunes alternative, consider MobileGo by Wondershare. It was designed with users in mind and can do all the things that iTunes can’t. MobileGo’s one-click technology makes it easy to take your files, contacts, music and photos with you.

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