5 Easy Steps: How To 100% Safely Backup Before You Upgrade To iOS 9.

iOS9 is here and it applies to the iPhone 4s, 5, 5s, 5c, and the new 6 and 6 Plus models. So before you upgrade to the newest operating system, you are going to need to perform a backup of your phone. There’s no way around it. I’m sure like everyone else, you’ve heard countless horror stories of back ups gone bad, data gone missing, and hair loss over the back up process.

Relax…if follow this process we are about to outline, to a tee, you will have no issues with your back up. It will take the least amount of time, and you will not lose any of your files in the process.

Also for those of you who have or plan on purchasing the new iPhone 6 models and want to transfer all your precious contents from your old phone to your new one, you’ll want to make sure to read this entire post as well as backing up is still the first step before moving content from one phone to another.

OK here we go…

Step 1: Make Room on Your iPhone For iOS9 FIRST & FOREMOST!

If you just start the backup process either through iTunes or iCloud without first clearning the larger file types from your phone, you are going to likely run into one of these types of issues or problems:

  • Not enough space to upgrade to iOS9
  • Frozen or Stopped during backup process or update process
  • Stuck on Apple logo
  • An error occurred while downloading iOS9

So what you need to do first is remove all the music, movies and pictures from your phone to your computer. If you want to be safe, you can also move your SMS/Texts and contacts as well and don’t worry we’ll show you how.

Now since iTunes doesn’t act as a data transfer utility (which really blows my mind that it wouldn’t) you need to download a secondary app to easily and quickly move those files from your iPhone to your computer.


What I suggest is a 3rd party software called TunesGo Retro Why these guys?

First of all it’s easy to use!  You can transfer any type of file on your phone to and from your computer, but here’s the best part, they allow you to do something that iTunes won’t!  Load your device with music and video incompatible with iTunes!  For this reason alone this software is totally worth it.  But as far as backing up data, check out this amazing list of options:

  • PC/MAC to iTunes or iTunes to PC/MAC – You can transfer songs, videos, playlists, iTunes U and podcasts to or from your computer and iTunes.  It’s two way and it’s EASY!
  • iDevice to PC/MAC or PC/MAC to iDevice – MobileGo works with iPhones, iPads & iTunes to transfer photos and albums.
  • Contacts Manger – You can easily import, export de-duplicate and sync your contacts with Outlook.

CLICK HERE ==> TunesGo Retro


Step 2.) Remove Unwanted Apps/Games and then Backup to iCloud

Ok smarty pants, now that you have safely backed up all the important stuff from your phone onto your computer, you can now clean out all the crap off your phone that you don’t want on there and save yourself a TON of room when backing up to iCloud.

Delete any unused or unwanted apps, games etc.  They just take up valuable space.   What’s that?  You don’t know how to delete stuff from your phone easily?  Check out the Wondershare link up above.  Make your life simple.

Once that’s done, you can perform an iCloud backup of the things left over on your phone such as your contacts, email addresses and important stuff like that which is the stuff you should really have on the cloud anyways.

Step 3.) Upgrade To iOS 8 Once Steps 1 & 2 Are Done!

Ok now that you are backed up on your computer, you have all the bigger files saved to your PC/MAC and you have a secondary backup of your permanent stuff (contacts etc) on iCloud you are 100% bulletproof safe!  Now you can upgrade to iOS9 without a fear of losing a single byte of data.

Step 4.) iPhone To iPhone or Other Device to iPhone Transfer

So if you are in the situation where you want to move all your data from one phone to another, whether it be an iPhone to iPhone, non-iPhone to iPhone or iPhone to non-iPhone, once again I highly suggest going the simple route and using 3rd party software that was designed to make your life more simple and quick.  Get a copy of MobileTrans.  Yes the same makers as TunesGo.

This software opens up kind of like an FTP software (if you know what that is) and has a screen with your one phone on the left, and your other on the right.  You simply drag and drop the contents you want from one phone to another.

Mobile Trans supports over 2000 phones including Droid, Symbian, iPhone, Android etc.


CLICK HERE ==> MobileTrans

Step 5.) Finally, If You Screwed It Up & Lost Data

It’s bound to happen to some people.  You may lose important data that you wanted to keep and that seriously sucks!  Well in the event that you perform an upgrade or a backup that didn’t go to plan, you can actually recover lost data with the same family of software makers, Wondershare.  Are you starting to see the pattern that these guys got you covered?

DrFone helps you to recover up to 12 types of deleted data from your iPhone, iPad and iPods.  This one’s so cool that even if you tried to Jailbreak your iPhone and screwed it up, you can recover lost data.  Pretty rad.




Well that’s it!  I think that about covers the safest way to make sure NONE of your data gets deleted on an upgrade.  Follow that procedure and you’ll totally be fine!