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iphone-cracked-screeniPhone Insurance:

The Right Insurance Can Cover More Than You Expect At Cheaper Than You Think!iphone theft

Did you know that your cell phone provider isn’t the only one that can insure your phone?  And I can almost guarantee that you can insure your phone for a lot cheaper than you think and a heck of a lot less expensive that your cell provider will lead you to believe!  I’m talking insurance against the most common things that happen to regular cell phone users like you and me. Things like theft, cracked screens and dropping it in the toilet!

High-tech gadgets have found their way into the hands of almost everyone in modern world.  But with high end technology comes a higher price tag which I’m sure you were glad to pay.  But what about protecting your investment?  It’s going to be with you for a few years right?   Once  you have such a costly phone, you should seriously consider iPhone Insurance to ensure safety against various possible damages to it.

iPhone InsuranceHave you ever heard of Worth Ave Group?

These guys rates and coverage plans absolutely beat the heck out of most cell phone providers and 3rd party insurance providers.  They cover the entire range of iPhone, iPad, and iPod products against the following incidents:

  • Cracked Screens
  • Liquid Submersion (eg. Water)
  • Fire & Flood
  • Natural Disasters (Earthquake, Tornado etc)
  • Accidental Damage
  • Theft & Vandalism

Try telling me that your cell phone provider covers that much?  I highly doubt it.


Click Here For A FREE
— No Obligations Quote —
To Insure Your iPhone


Buying iPhone Insurance

Getting the iPhone insurance is fairly simple and doesn’t require much effort. You can simply go online and get a quote for your specific model of iPhone and see if it’s a good deal or not.  The best part is it’s instant coverage!   No sooner than you buy the insurance; they will start covering the risks immediately.

Make sure to read the terms and conditions as always.

The iPhone insurance can help you have a complete peace of mind, because after all these things ain’t getting any cheaper!